Brass Pet Urns

The unique Odyssey urns and the beautiful Classic urns. Both styles of the urns are designed for the permanent storage of the cremated remains of a beloved pet. Each is available in multiple sizes to accommodate almost any size of household pet.

Odyssey Urn:

The unique shape of the Odyssey is perfect for tenderly holding. They are available in both Pewter (with two bronze paws) and Slate (with one silver paw). Each design is available in multiple sizes and features a screw top into which the cremated remains are loaded.

Classic Urn:

The beautiful Classic comes in a slate grey or pewter finish and features paw prints running across and around the surface of the urn. This popular urn is always well received by those that have lost a beloved member of the family. Each design is available in multiple sizes and features a screw top into which the cremated remains are loaded.

Hand Crafted from Renewable Resources
This product is handmade and uses renewable materials like willow, bamboo, or something similar. This ensures a small environmental footprint from the very beginning of the product’s inception.

Earth Biodegradable
This product will biodegrade when placed into the earth.

Green Burial Council Certified
The Green Burial Council is the leading environmental certification organization setting the standard for green burial in North America. They offer environmental certification for funeral homes, cemeteries and product manufacturers in the industry.

TSA Compliant
This product adheres to travel requirements set in place by the Transportation Security Administration of America and is suitable for “in-cabin” airline transportation on a commercial flight.

Passages® eco-friendly funeral products give families the opportunity to honor a loved one after their passing with a smaller environmental footprint. We believe that, especially when a person valued sustainability during their life, it is important to have the option for a greener end-of-life ritual. Whether a family chooses to bury or cremate, our caskets and carriers are dignified and suitable to do so in an eco-friendly manner. If cremation is chosen, our biodegradable urns offer a variety of options for ceremonies that return the cremated remains to the earth.

Odyssey Urns:Classic Urns:
3", Volume: 0.5 litres for body sizes < 30lbs

4", Volume: 0.75 litres for body sizes < 45lbs

5", Volume: 1.3 litres for body sizes < 125lb
5", Volume: 0.5 litres for body sizes < 30lbs

6", Volume: 0.75 litres for body sizes < 45lbs

7", Volume: 1.5 litres for body sizes < 90lbs

8", Volume: 2 litres for body sizes < 125lbs

Passages International® is a designer and wholesale distributor of green funeral products.

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